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Featured Clients

Spring 2018


Charlie Barr

NX Level caters to the needs of athletes of all ages and Charlie Barr is a prime example of that. Charlie has been playing baseball for most of his life and has no desire to stop anytime soon. After rehabbing some lingering shoulder issues he decided that he needed to be proactive with his training. Since joining NX Level he has gotten stronger, faster and gained more flexibility. 



Summer 2015








It's impossible to be mentally tough without being physically tough. NX Level does just that...pushes you to the next level. Since working out at NX Level, Chris has obtained great physical results which have positively carried over to his professional and personal life. The trainers are phenomenal, safely pushing you to your potential.

Krissy is in the boot camps and has seen increased strength & flexibility while reducing body fat in order to keep up with her 3 children. Their teenage daughter loves to be challenged by joining the workouts on her days off and has worked with PT in overcoming hip and shin splint injuries from soccer. Their 6 year old son has enjoyed baseball sessions with Coach Ron. He loved being in the turf and sand pit, too. Their 4 year old can't wait to join someday.

Collin, Chris's brother, loves the knowledgeable staff, diversity in the workouts, and good results.

We ALL love going to NX Level – it has changed our lives for the better and we are happy to be a part of the NX Level Family. Thank you to all of the trainers, staff and workout partners for making this such a great place!


Spring. 2015








Since I started at NX Level two years ago, I have been given the opportunity to work with the best trainers in the area. Day in and day out I am given 110% dedication from the staff into making me a better athlete and better person, as I know every workout I will be tested to my maximum potential to reach my goals I have put forth. I am honored to be guided by such an experienced, friendly, and hard-working group of people. The atmosphere of NX Level is extremely intense and friendly as I feel at home every session I work in. I started two years ago and have seen tremendous growth in athleticism and personality. Being taught the right form in speed, quickness, power lifts, and strength is the NX Level way and the RIGHT WAY! I have excelled to levels I couldn't imagine and I am truly blessed to be part of such a great training staff and community.


Sept. 2014 







I started training at NX Level two years ago so that I could become a better all-around athlete, and be the best I can be at whatever sport I decide to play. The NX level trainers have taught me the proper technique to grow and develop specific muscles. They also taught me that hard work and commitment are needed to get results. Since I joined I have become stronger and faster, and have had fun doing it!


August 2014







NX Level is truly a unique and special place – we are hooked!  The trainers are all great people that care about getting you in better shape the ‘proper’ way.  The workouts are never boring or repetitive and have helped make us faster, stronger and most of all feel great!  In a time where our lives are crazy, NX Level has helped us achieve some sort of sanity.  We have made many new friends along the way and shared many laughs, all while being pushed physically and mentally beyond what we ever thought was possible. We truly look forward to every session.

Mike has seen increased strength & flexibility while reducing body fat in order to keep up with his weekend warrior pursuits of softball, golf and other sports.  Julie has stepped out of her ‘yoga’ comfort zone and loves the functional strength training as an alternative.  Rachel is a level 10 gymnast and track athlete who is developing additional speed and power to help with her events. The rest of our family can’t wait to join us.

We love NX Level – it has changed our lives for the better. Thank you to all of the trainers, staff and workout partners for making this a great place!

Mike, Julie and Rachel Lessila


May 2014 

"NX Level Fit Fam' "







We came to NX Level to learn the proper techniques to become faster and stronger athletes. We have learned through this training that it takes hard work and commitment to get to the next level and improve to become better athletes and better people.


April 2014 







I started at NX Level three years ago to build my strength. I've gotten so much more out of it — more energy, endurance, and flexibility. The best part is I always leave in a good mood!


Winter 2014







We have each learned so much in the time that we have been attending NX Level. What we have learned most, is that we are capable of so much more than what we thought we were.  Each trainer takes their unique approach to challenge us, encourage us, and push us to achieve our goals.  Olivia continues to use her strength and flexibility to excel at dance.  Alex continues to challenge his agility and strength for both Baseball and Football.  As for me, I just love the physical challenge I get from the morning boot camps.  All this of course could not be done with the support of mom.  She is not working out at NX level (yet!); however, the nutritional guidance she has received from NX Level has fueled her passion for healthy eating to new heights. 


New Year 2014 







We started our journey in the Summer of 2012. We were impressed and inspired by the results that our chiropractor (Michelle Stamm) was achieving and followed her referral by meeting with Shannon Carney at Squeeze. The first few months were tough! We struggled to do many things that are now considered part of the warm up! It would have been so much easier to give up, but the encouragement and knowledge offered by our trainers gave us the courage to keep coming back for more! The shift to NX Level was a new challenge. Suddenly we were surrounded by "real" athletes half our age which introduced a whole new intimidation factor. Despite our differences, we were welcomed by the NX Level trainers, and are fortunate a year later to be on the receiving end of their knowledge and expertise as well! We also introduced our son Ethan to NX Level and watched as his strength and confidence grew with each session.

We cannot even begin to express the enormous amount of gratitude that we have for every trainer that we have had the opportunity to work with on this journey! We are better people because of you! You have taught us about courage, determination, and dedication through your workouts and your overall character. We are fortunate to have developed many valuable friendships along the way with trainers as well as fellow clients.

There is no turning back. We have lost a combined total of 130 pounds, and hope to achieve far more on this journey of life long change. Thank you for the undying support and for helping us believe it was possible.


November 2013 







We love coming to NX Level because the trainers push and challenge us. It is a welcoming family environment. There is no comparison to the other gyms we have been members at. I feel so much stronger and can see my body more defined. The nutritional guidance and education has also been extremely beneficial - it has encouraged us to make changes in our diet we never considered before and that in turn has allowed us to train at a higher level. It has also sparked such an interest in nutrition that I am now pursuing a degree in "Holistic Nutrition." We give a lot of credit to NX Level for where we are in our healthy lives today. Thank you.


October 2013 







Our boys (Ben & Nicky) have been going to NX Level for performance training for several years. Their trainers are great and I can definitely see the results carry over into their team sports. Based on this, I asked myself, why should they have all the fun?  My friend Sherry and I signed up for BOOTCAMP and just like the performance training, I can see the results carry over into my own life. This year on my annual 3 day, 60 mile walk to support breast cancer research, my only soreness was in my feet. In past years I had lingering pain in my back and legs - so this year was a VERY nice surprise!

Thank you BOOTCAMP and the supportive NX Level staff for whipping ME into shape!


September 2013 

"NX Level Fit Fam' "







NXLevel has done just that for our family...taken the Stamm family to the next level in each of our individual endeavors.  Danielle has used her increased strength and power to help her excel in softball.  She also has become more lean and quicker due to her customized meal plans.  Spencer has increased his muscle mass, speed and foot mechanics to improve what we call 'Spencer Speed' for track and baseball.  Jason---well enough said, THE STAMMINATOR, is stronger and leaner in his 40's than he was in his 20's.  Me, I have gone from marathon running and triathalons to the new adventure of Body Building and perhaps Powerlifting and have never felt better!  Most importantly, the trainers are extraordinary, they create an atmosphere that is fun yet challenging, takes you out of your comfort zone and makes getting your butt kicked enjoyable!


July 2013 






I truly am so grateful for all that NX level has brought to our family.  Addison has been swimming out of her mind since she joined.  The best testimonial would be that she had NEVER been flexible!!  All of our children rank top of their gym class for everything and then fall to the 10% for flexibility and miss out on the presidential awards.  After a few weeks with Coach Carney, Addison came home one night and was THRILLED to show us how she could bend and reach her toes
You all ROCK!!  Thanks for your support and encouragement.