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NX Leadership

NX Level Leadership Lesson

“It only takes a second to be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”


Last year The Kid President inspired us with the quote, “It only takes a second to be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.” Words can inspire us and create emotion. Your presence, your smile, and your thoughtfulness can be a source of compassion when addressing or uplifting a friend, coworker or relative. Your goal the next few days is to breathe life into those you meet by being somebody who makes others feel as if they are IMPORTANT. 

NX Level Leadership Lesson

“Success isn’t about perfection; it’s about progression.”


Ideals are great standards to help keep us on track towards our goals. Often we seek to be perfect and inevitably fall short. Remember, if the journey is the reward than what we learn and can apply is your best barometer for improvement and success. No one can live up to perfect, but we all can improve in some way shape or form! 

NX Level Leadership Lesson

"The Purpose Equation"

Purpose. It's the backbone of living a fulfilled life. Recognizing your calling seems ever so complex. However, if you listen, live in the moment, and recognize those specific instances when you feel you are on fire you will find yourself on the right path.

PurposeEquation.jpg Purpose is when the worlds input towards you meets your output back. When one lives with alignment towards their convictions they often feel fulfilled by an external force and take action to share that feeling with the world. Some of us don’t understand we have the opportunity to change the world every single day. When you live and act according to your purpose, you are not only honoring yourself but your satisfying a divine calling to improve the world.

NX Level Leadership Lesson and Challenge

The Most Powerful Drug

Communication is a building block of trust and also a foundational principle for creating relationships. Words simply create emotion and bring meaning to our lives in both big and small ways alike. Think about the euphoric feelings you have when you are congratulated for a job well done, for your effort, for your sacrifice or for being persistent. Think about what it means to be told you make someone proud or that you are valued. Positive words are both validating and motivating for the soul. Our deepest desire as humans is to feel appreciated. When someones actions and efforts are validated or gratified by another it creates a contagious quality in us to repeat what we just accomplished.

photo(1).JPG When we fear and we are nursed along through motivating or guiding dialogue it gives us confidence to move forward. Words inevitably spur action. They are the rocket fuel to the leaders that take action to create a better world for all. Challenge yourself over the next twenty one days to say "I am proud of you, you can do it or thank you " one more time than your used to. Do just that and you've changed our world for the better.