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Posted by admin on September 15, 2013

A special thanks to NX Level...

Heading into this year Riley's basketball skills were never in question from High Major programs but his speed, quickness, and strength was of concern.  Riley's work ethic in the gym and strong play during the July live period has a lot to do with why his stock took off.  In talking with these coaches what they all thought put Riley over the top was his improved strength and quickness!  Coaches have told me he looks bigger, faster, and stronger than last year.  As you know we play against the best teams in the country who have elite level athletes and Riley was consistently getting by guys and proved to many coaches that he could play with the best and hold his own at the highest level.

Before July Riley had about 14 offers which only one of those was a high major from Missouri.  After July he had over 40 offers and 12 of those were High Majors which include Oklahoma State, Xavier, Creighton, Utah, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Baylor, and Butler.  There is no way that would have been possible without the work of the NX Level staff.  Riley has been training at NX Level since he was 10 and I am very grateful to everyone there for the results you had with him.

Tom LaChance
Head Coach Ray Allen Select