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Physical Therapy


NX Level Physical Therapy Clinic in Waukesha

Our on-site clinic is staffed by licensed physical therapist Matt Gibbons. In conjunction with your training, we can integrate proven rehabilitation techniques to help you get back to full strength and better!

Our Objective

The objective of NX Level Physical Therapy is to work with athletes of all ages and abilities to reach their goals and stay injury free.

Our objective is not just to treat a body part or specific injury but to evaluate and treat the whole person so that when rehab is successfully completed the client will not need to return time and again for the same injury.

"I have been in this business for over 20 years, both privately and with Division 1A athletics, and I can say hands down from a standpoint of functional rehab and understanding the mentality of athletes, Matt is the best I have worked with.  Matt and I have collaborated on rehab protocols on NBA, NFL and NHL athletes down to youth athletes and our success rate speaks for itself.  The combination of sport performance and functional rehab keeps our clients healthy and on track to continued success."

Brad Arnett
NX Level Performance Center
Owner, Director of Sports Performance

Services and Programs

Kinesiotaping     •     Sports Injury Rehabilitation     •     Spinal/Peripheral Joint Mobilization
Return to Sport Testing     •     Return to Sport Training programs     •     Soft Tissue Mobilization
Muscle Energy Techniques     •     Work Injury Rehabilitation/Worker’s Comp     •     Balance Training
Thrower’s Injury Prevention     •     ACL Injury Prevention

We believe recovery from injury/surgery should be a positive and enjoyable experience. Our patient-centered treatment plans include a thorough evaluation and an individualized rehabilitation program that empowers a patient to be active in their own healing. The cornerstones of our approach are patient education, prevention, and evidence-based treatment techniques. We strive to provide the highest degree of professional service in the field of physical therapy while maintaining a warm, friendly and fun environment.

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What is Physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a mix of treatments that may be used to address musculoskeletal injuries.  These treatments range from massage and joint mobilization to exercise, stretching and strengthening and even ultrasound, electrical stimulation and other treatments known as modalities.  The goal of treatment may be to eliminate pain, strengthen muscles, improve balance, decrease swelling and inflammation or restore joint motion but is always aimed at improving or restoring a client to their ultimate functional ability.

Sports Physical Therapy is a specialized practice that focuses on prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement of the physically-active individual.

Keys To Success

Our therapists have deep backgrounds in functional and manual therapy.  We have the expertise and facilities to take patients from post surgical to full return to prior level of function whether that be an office worker, manual laborer or professional athlete.

We pride ourselves on getting new clients in within 24 hours and often can get them in the same day of first contact.  We have very flexible hours from 7am to 7pm weekdays with Sat AM hours available by appt.

All clients are seen one on one by a licensed physical therapist.  We do not pass off patients to assistants or trainers.  Treatment sessions focus on getting joints operating properly first and then addressing muscular dysfunction once movement is restored.  We get clients off the treatment table and back on their feet performing functional activities as soon as possible.  Our goal is not to drag out therapy for increased revenue through more visits, but to get clients back to their normal lifestyles and activities as quickly as possible.  This saves clients time and money and we have built our reputation on it.

Why NX Level PT and Sports Performance Works Together

Philosophy and attitude, Common approach and common goals.

We are both in the business of making athletes reach their maximum potential.The performance side of this comes from following a proven philosophy that Brad Arnett and others have developed over years of experience and continue to improve and perfect.

We talk to the trainers daily and coordinate on athletes.  Their athletes will, and do, get injured and thus need our skills.  Clients see athletes training, who have come through our door, that have rehabed an injury with us and get excited to workout side by side with them.

Common Injuries Treated

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears
Other Knee ligament strains or tears, MCL, LCL and PCL
Meniscal injuries
Patello-Femoral Stress Syndrome
Jumper’s knee
Neck, Back and Hip pain
Shoulder injuries and pain including Rotator Cuff injuries, impingement and strains
Tennis Elbow
Thrower’s Elbow
Ankle Sprains
Achilles Tendinitis
Plantar Fasciitis
Running injuries
Dance injuries
Balance impairments
Post Surgical Rehab
Work Related Injuries
Hand and Wrist Injuries