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Luke Laga, L.Ac
Acupuncturist and Biomechanical Therapist

Luke Laga is a licensed acupuncturist and manual therapist. Luke was fortunate to be the only master apprentice to Douglas Bertram, founder of Structural Elements- (se). (se) specializes in the tissue health of endurance athletes by treating the athlete not the injury. There are many factors that determine the success of an athlete, (se) focuses on the dynamic between quality of movement, mechanical stressors and tissue compliance. The term “tensegrity” refers to the structural integrity that arises from a balance between tension and compression elements; in a true action/ reaction model never can the two be addressed independently. Using a highly effective method of locating focal adhesions and their corresponding pattern, Luke can facilitate quick, effective and long lasting improvements to an athletes efficiency.

There are several other modalities that claim to normalize soft tissue adhesions, so how are we different?  If adhesions are addressed only near the site of pain but not globally, they will reform.  If the adhesions are released through tissue tearing, they will reform.  If corrections are made to the Osseo-structure without the release of soft tissue adhesions, they will not hold.  How (se) differs is that we use acupuncture and dry needling to dissolve focal adhesions before integrating improved tissue glide and skeletal alignment with change to movement patterns.  This results in lasting change

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