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The Waukesha Location has Bootcamp

The Bootcamp with MORE!

Weight Loss       Fat Loss       Strength       Conditioning

Our bootcamp is for adults and teenagers seeking weight loss,
fat reduction, strength, conditioning, and confidence.

The NX Level Team knows what it takes and will help you achieve your fitness goals.

 To get started with your Bootcamp
Call 262-522-7888 to schedule your first session!

Bootcamp Hours

5:30 a.m. /  7:00 a.m. / 9:00 a.m.
Saturday at 7:00 a.m. 

What to Expect

Our bootcamps offer a fast paced, high intensity workout that is designed to melt away unwanted pounds along with increasing your strength and mobility.  Our instructors will meet with each client one-on-one to discuss their goals.  By doing this we can customize each workout to your needs.  Even though it is in a group setting, our instructors will design workouts to accomodate everyone's goals.

New Members

All of our new members will meet with one of our Bootcamp Instructors for a minimum of four one-on-one sessions before joining Bootcamp.  The one-on-one sessions are designed to establish a foundation and to teach our clients proper form and technique when using kettlebells and other various equipment used in Bootcamp.  We have found that these one-on-one sessions ensure that each and every client gets the most out of every Bootcamp they attend.

Bootcamp Packages

We offer two different options for Bootcamp to help you get the results you want!

Unlimited Bootcamp

Unique to NX Level, we offer our clients an Unlimited Month of Bootcamp.  You pay a flat rate for the month and can attend as many bootcamps as you want.  There is no limit on number, time, or frequency.  If you are serious about reaching your health and fitness goals this is the only way to go!

Drop in Sessions

This is great way to supplement your current training regimen.  Looking for that extra push and accountability?  Our drop in rate allows you the freedom to drop-in to a Bootcamp at your convenience without feeling committed to a monthly rate.

More Information 

For more information call (262) 522-7888 or email Coach Shaver nxshaver@gmail.com.