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Prepare for Success

With the rise in popularity of youth sports, we believe it is crucial to establish movement and motor patterns at an early age.  By creating efficient movement patterns we can help reduce the risk of injurypromote body awareness, and improve overall self esteem.  We have found that through proper strength and movement training, our youth athletes have gone on to excell at the high school level.

Training Sessions

Youth athletes can begin training at NX Level at the age of 12.  All of our youth athletes will participate in 60 minute training sessions.  During each session, the athlete will work in a group of their peers.  Every session is led by one of our Performance Coaches, where they will take a group through strength and movement progressions.  All of our youth athletes start their training with their body weight.  Establishing a foundation is crucial in the development of youth athletes.

Strength Programs

All of our youth athletes will begin their training at NX Level with body weight excerises.  By using body weight at first we can establish proper movement patterens.  After each youth athlete demonstrates that they can hold and maintain proper form, they will be progressed to dumbbell or kettlebell weight exercises.  By using these training tools, we can monitor each athlete's form and patterns without placing an axial load on the athlete which may cause a break down in form.  Once each athlete demonstrates proper form under load, they will progress to barbell load lifts.