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Hockey Training

Hockey is a game of speed and physical stength.  Every game and every practice can take its toll on any athlete.  In order to be able to perform at your best and compete at a high level throughout the season, every hockey player should have a proper strength and movement program.  At NX Level we take a unique approach to training our hockey athletes.  Keeping each athlete healthy and strong to reduce the risk of injury is our primary goal.

At NX Level we work to develop sport specific power to help each individual athlete reach his or her performance goals.  Power development is accomplished through speed and strength training.


Speed Training

Specifically a hockey player has to be able to decelerate to a hockey stop in an athletic stance to receive a pass, immediately crossover to a break away or be in position to take a quick shot.

Acceleration is key in getting up the ice as quickly as possible and snapping off a strong wrister. At NX Level we work to increase acceleration through:

• Dry land sprint work up to 30 yards
• Plyometrics forcing full stride length
• Rotary core and glute strength will improve skate and
shot speed dramatically.

Strength Training

Point of contact can be seen or blindsided. You have to be physically strong enough to stay on your skates and keep the puck through checks, hold your ground in front of the net or move someone away from the net setting a screen.

At NX Level we use all full body lifts such as Olympic lifting, front and back squats, all angles of pressing with bars and dumbbells. These lifts enhance total body development, flexibility and sport-specific conditioning for the sport of hockey.