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Softball Training

In order to perform at their absolute best, a softball player needs a well developed core, strong legs, and great shoulder health.  To achieve this it is crucial for a softball player to have a strength and conditioning program that will encompass all of these factors.  At NX Level, we emphasize the importance of shoulder health with all of our softball athletes.

At NX Level we work to develop sport-specific power to help each individual athlete reach his or her performance goals.  Power development is accomplished through speed and strength training.

Speed Training

Specifically, a softball player has to be able to decelerate after releasing the ball toward home plate.

Acceleration is the first step toward second after the pitcher’s move home or hitting a 2-0 curve ball off the right field fence.  At NX Level, we work to increase acceleration through:

• Sprint and acceleration mechanics up to 60 yards
• Rotary core and glute strength to improve base
running and bat head speed

Strength Training

Improvement in lat extention flexibility and strength of the internal mechanisms in the shoulder to avoid overuse issues, improve integrity, and maintain mobility.  Pitchers must train specific posterior shoulder muscles and improve core rotary strength as well to improve ball velocity.

At NX Level we use all full body lifts such as Olympic variations, front and back squats, all angles of pressing with bars and dumbbells. These lifts improve total body development, movement, flexibility and conditioning for the sport of softball.