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Swimming Training

There are many factors that play a role in a swimmer's ability to perform well.  They must be strong enough to fight the resistance of the water, conditioned well to be able to turn it up on the last leg, and flexible enough to get the most out of every stroke.  At NX Level we take a unique approach to every aspect that goes into a swimmer's training.

At NX Level we work to develop sport-specific power to help each individual athlete reach his or her performance goals.  Power development is accomplished through speed and strength training.

“Mr. Arnett is a devoted, bright, hardworking and dependable individual. I am highly impressed with Mr. Arnett’s commitment to athletics. He designed precise, individualized strength programs for all of our athletes while at the U of A. He trained athletes of all levels including Olympic Gold Medalists.”

- Rick DeMont
University of Arizona Assistant Head Swimming Coach

Speed Training

Specifically a swimmer needs to train both in the water and dry land deck to accelerate off the blocks and in the water.

Water acceleration goes hand in hand with flexibility. A swimmer must be extremely limber to get full extension to ensure full shoulder rotation to pull them through the water.

Strength Training

Shoulder integrity is crucial to swimming performance and must constantly address the internal mechanisms of the shoulder and hand. Strong hands and shoulders can feel and manipulate the water to avoid overuse issues and maintain shoulder mobility.

At NX Level we use all full body lifts such as Olympic variations, front and back squats, varied pressing angles with some bar work but predominately dumbbells, flexibility and core stability and dry land conditioning for the sport of swimming.