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Triathlete Training

During a triathalon there is a wide variety of different energy systems that are utilized.  At NX Level we take each triathlete through a strength and conditioning program that is designed to enhance those systems so that the athlete can move as efficiently as possible to decrease the amount of energy used.

At NX Level we work to develop sport-specific power to help each individual athlete reach his or her performance goals.  Power development is accomplished through speed and strength training.


Speed Training

Speed training and sprints are an important part of the development of distance runners and multi-sport athletes.  At NX Level we work to increase the development of the distance athletes through:

• Sprints of up to 30 yards.
• Plyometrics forcing full stride length.

Strength Training

The strength and mobility exercises we use at NX Level make each stride, pedal, and swim stroke more efficient.  When these are at their most efficient, less energy is used to do the same amount of work.

At NX Level we use full body lifts such as Olympic lifting, front and back squats, core strengthening and stabilizing, and mobility and flexibility exercises to improve total body development, flexibility and conditioning for the marathoner and triathlete.