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Wrestler Training

Wrestlering is all about reaction time.  Wrestlers need to be able to explode towards their opponent or fight out of a hold.  We believe that through proper strength and conditioning a wrestler can develop both their explosiveness and conditioning.

At NX Level we work to develop sport-specific power to help each individual athlete reach his or her performance goals.  Power development is accomplished through speed and strength training.

Speed Training

A wrestler must be able to take a quick shot or forcefully rotate his hips to execute a throw.

Acceleration is key to extending into an opponent before they can react with a sprawl or a countermove. At NX Level we work to improve acceleration through:

• Plyometrics forcing full leg and hip extension.
• Rotary core and glute strengthening to improve the
ability to throw a resisting opponent.

Strength Training

Point of contact occurs in every wrestling match. Each wrestler must be physically prepared to take on that contact through a full six-minute match.

At NX Level we use all full body lifts such as Olympic lifting, front and back squats, all angles of pressing with bars and dumbbell and all angles of pulling with bars and dumbbells. These lifts improve total body development, movement, flexibility and conditioning for the sport of wrestling.